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Parasparam Serial Cast and Crew – Hero Name, Heroine Name etc

Parasparam Serial Cast – Complete Cast Details of With All Actor and Actress Names

Parasparam Serial Cast
Parasparam Serial Cast

Parasparam Serial Actress and Actors Details. What is the Real Names Of The Serial Parasparam Actors. As Per TAM Ratings Parasparam Is the Most Popular Serial with Top Ratings. This Serial Is The Remake of Diya Aur Baati Hum Directed by Sudheesh Shankar and Produced by Ross Petals. En Kanavan En Thozhan In Tamil ,Ee Tharam Illalu In Telugu , Tomay Amay Mile In Bangla and Akashadeepa In Kannada Are The Other Remakes.

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Gayathri Arun – Deepthi
Vivek Gopalan – Sooraj
Rekha Ratheesh – Padmavathy
Divya Nithin – Sandhya
Sreenath Swaminathan – Suresh
Revathi Krishana – Suchithra
Vijay Viswantha – Gopan
Niranj Menon – subhash
Sneha – Meenakshi
Anu Gopi – Kokku
Lekshmi Pramod as Smruthy
Priya – Kanchana
Kottayam Pradeep – Krishnan
Shobi Thilakan – SI Dhanapalan
Sajith – Aravindan


  1. rajan rajan 12 December, 2015

    enthoru serial anado…public ne fool aakunu since last 2 months, yet not decided to end……..?
    who is that fool director and scrip director of parasparam…….. how many days you want to
    keep public in kidnap story……..

  2. midhun mohan midhun mohan 31 January, 2016

    ara paraje.parasparam oru mikacha serial tanne anu.karanam mikacha abhinayam anu prekhshakarude munnil kazhcha vakkunnath.ella STREE kalum PURUSHAN marum E serial ullkond kazhiju….

    • saneesh saneesh 2 February, 2017

      for what…making for quarrel …..or splitting our family…a good serial can convey to audience minimum good message…but parasparam serial making a lot of family problems….so sorry director and crew…

  3. vicky vicky 14 May, 2016

    Manushane veruppikkuna oro serial

    • sasijive mon saji sasijive mon saji 15 January, 2017


  4. TNR NAIR TNR NAIR 21 September, 2016

    Extremely boring. Free us from this ordeal.

  5. Urmilesh Urmilesh 30 September, 2016

    Please end this crap and save us from this type of visual torture

  6. prem kumar prem kumar 8 December, 2016

    the camera work of this serial is becoming hopeless for the last 2 months. It is observed that inside Deepthi’ house, the camera is behind some bars of the building and it is repeatedly shown – disfiguring the whole scene and causing HARDSHIP TO THE VIEWERS. such a wrong camera work for the serial is a very bad one and requires immediate rectification. Please avoid such a “camera trick” atleast in future.

  7. Vijayan Vijayan 4 January, 2017

    This is one of the good STORY serials now broad casting in ASIANET .
    Unfortunately due to the back ground howling sound nothing can be heard or understnd the story .
    ITS not only for this but also for CHANDANAMAZHA. The back grond music is like FIREWORKS .
    AAre these music people DRUNKET during editing ?
    How the producer can allow this .
    Please watch all other serials in other chanels
    Hope you will change these howling back ground

  8. prabhakaran prabhakaran 14 January, 2017

    the back ground music of parasparam and chandanamazha serials making headache . Change this unwanted music noise. Producer sir please do this. Inform me the directors mail id . I will tell him.

  9. Sarin Sarin 15 May, 2017

    Y r u people killing the spirit of our lady homemakers.. Kindly save them by stopping such useless serials, which has either no moral nor a good message to share. May be this industry is your livelihood, bt pls do understand that it is ur responsibility to create some gud stuff rather than this crap for which you are spending a good amount of money. @Producer of these serials.. kindly use ur excess money for some charity work instead of spoiling an entire group of ladies in the state. We are even ready to transfer a fund to your account every month as an honararium if you stop creating such useless crap..

  10. Padamavathy Padamavathy 15 May, 2017

    Parasparam serial so dragging, most of the time content in one episode is not known. How does or what does a small kid like Nandu do with a baby . It is so bullshit and unbelievable. Can you people rewrite the script and spare us from this crap…..

  11. Vee Gee Vee Gee 18 May, 2017

    Kottayam Pradeep – Prishnan. It is Krishnan. How indifferently the names are printed ?!

  12. pr pr 28 November, 2017

    anupama cast real name

  13. M. thomas M. thomas 9 February, 2018

    Could u tel me real name of Mahendran in parasparam serial (sooraj;s jail mate

    `Couls u tell me real name of actor Mahendarn (sooraj’s jail mate)

  14. Raju Raju 10 September, 2018

    What is the original name of Stuthys on last episodes

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