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Kairali Arabia Movies Schedule 04 to 10 May 2015

Kairali Arabia Channel Films List for The Week 04 May 2015 to 10 May 2015

DateTimeTimeTimeFilm Name
04 May 2015 (Monday)04:30 P.M03:00 P.M02:00 P.MVeeram
12:30 A.M11:00 P.M10:00 P.MUllasam
05 May 2015 (Tuesday)04:30 P.M03:00 P.M02:00 P.MThuppakki
12:30 A.M11:00 P.M10:00 P.MVeeram
06 May  2015 (Wednesday)04:30 P.M03:00 P.M02:00 P.MThalaivaa
12:30 A.M11:00 P.M10:00 P.MThuppakki
07 May 2015 (Thursday)12:00 P.M10:30 A.M09:30 A.MSecond Show
04:30 P.M03:00 P.M02:00 P.MKO
12:30 A.M11:00 P.M10:00 P.MThommanum Makkalum
08 May 2015 (Friday)07:30 P.M05:30 P.M04:30 P.MEe Parakkum Thalika
02:30 A.M01:00 A.M12:00 A.MValyettan
09 May 2015 (Saturday)04:30 P.M03:00 P.M02:00 P.MThommanum Makkalum
12:30 A.M11:00 P.M10:00 P.MSecond Show
10 May 2015 (Sunday)04:30 P.M03:00 P.M02:00 P.MChanthupottu
12:30 A.M11:00 P.M10:00 P.MEe Parakkum Thalika
second show malayalam movie
second show malayalam movie
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