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Malayali Durbar – Family Chat Show On Amrita TV From 12th July 2014

Malayali Durbar Family Chat Show On Amrita TV

Malayali Durbar
Malayali Durbar

Amrita TV launches family chat show Malayali Durbar from 12th July 2014. How do mothers deal with the aspirations of their teenage daughters when they come into conflict with their own beliefs? Which are the areas and what are the degrees to which working spouses should agree with each other’s judgments on matters? Is the growing extravagance on weddings a necessary evil in today’s social fabric ? How about a postmortem of a divorce, 10 years later—do things look different in retrospect for the parted spouses ?

Malayali Durbar will be hosted by Maniyan Pillai Raju. Joining him on the show will be celebrity couples; along with real life parents, spouses, children, siblings who will be venting their frank views on a wide range of subjects which plague Kerala society in particular, and India families in general. The format of the show envisages formation of opinion groups, where the male celebrity may team up with the husbands, while the female celebrity joins hands with the wives.Despite being a chat show, every episode will feature nearly 50-odd participants.

Malayali Durbar is Starting on Saturday, 12th July 2014 and Will Be Telecast Every Saturday From 8.00 P.M To 9.00 P.M

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