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Nehru Trophy Boat Race Winners List

Nehru Trophy Boat Race Winners List – Complete List Of All The Winners of The Nehru Trophy Boat Race (Vallam Kali)

Check The all The winners of the Nehru Trophy Boat Race. Nehru Trophy Boat Race Is On Every Year at the Second Saturday Of The Month August. Nehru Trophy Boat Race Held At the Punnamda Lake In Alappuzha District Every Year. 2014 Date of Nehru Trophy Boat Race is 9th August.

1952Natubhagam Chundan1984Karichal Chundan
1954Kavalam Chundan1985Jawahar Thayankari
1955Paarthasarathi Chundan1986Karichal Chundan
1956Kavaalam Chundan1987Karichal Chundan
1957Neoplian Chundan1988Vellamkulangara Chundan
1958Neoplian ChundanKavalam Chundan1989Champakulam Chundan
1959Neoplian Chundan1990Champakulam Chundan
1960Kavalam Chundan1991Champakulam Chundan
1961Neoplian Chundan1992Kallupramban Chundan
1962Kavaalam Chundan1993Kallupramban Chundan
1963Kainakari Chundan1994Champakulam Chundan
1964St. George Chundan1995Champakulam Chundan
1965Parthasarathi Chundan1996Champakulam Chundan
1966Pulinkunnu Chundan1997Alappadan Chundan
1967Pulinkunnu Chundan1998Champakulam Chundan
1968Parthasarathi Chundan1999Alappadan Chundan
1969Pulinkunnu Chundan2000Karichal Chundan
1970Kallooparamban Chundan2001Karichal Chundan
1971Kallooparamban ChundanPulinkunnu Chundan2002Vellamkulangara Chundan
1972Kallooparamban Chundan2003Karichal Chundan
1973Kallooparamban & Karichal2004Cheruthana Chundan
1974Karichal Chundan2005Payippad Chundan
1975Karichal Chundan2006Payippad Chundan
1976Karichal Chundan2007Payippad Chundan
1977Jawahar Chundan2008Karichal Chundan
1978Jawahar Thayankari2009Champakulam Chundan
1979Aayaparambu Valiya Diwanji2010Jawahar Thayankari
1980Karichal Chundan2011N/A
1981N/A2012Sri Ganesh
1982Karichal Chundan2013Sri Ganesh
1983Karichal Chundan2014
Nehru Trophy Boat Race Winners
Nehru Trophy Boat Race Winners

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